I’m Okay

Exhale. Drop your shoulders and repeat after me…..
“I’m Okay”.

Its 6 am.  Deepak Chopra says that I could have been meditating for the last hour to find my center. What actually happened? I turned off an alarm, had a shower, and started the day on auto-pilot.  The brain started compiling my To-Do list almost instantaneously and then argued with itself about which thing it should do first.

No time for breakfast – or at least that’s what I’m telling myself.  Always time for coffee. Then there is everyone else in the household to think about. It is Groundhog Day.

School drops off… Usually starts with the “evil eye” from a fellow parent who has somewhere to be and thinks I’ve spent a little too long at the drop zone.


And I don’t want to bang on about parenthood either as, let’s face it, before having children, I still had to manage what I was thinking, what I was feeling, how I was being treated at work – when clearly, I thought more of myself than my workplace did!

But then something strange happened, and I’m not sure if its the accumulation of grey hairs, or all the mind-bogglingly awesome people I meet, but I figured out that every so often, if I am lucky, I get a glimpse of a notion that, in spite of it all…… I’m Okay.  I’m Okay. You’re Okay.

It is fleeting though. It passes.  Unfortunately. So that’s why we are here.  This is a place for us to be reminded that we are Okay.

The added bonus is that I’m Okay is also a place where you can access evidence-based information and psychological expertise from a range of local psychologists.  Not just me. We will only provide you with stuff that has been researched and distilled. We aim to give you information and tools on relationships, parenting, children, and your individual psychological health.

To confuse matters every so often, you’ll see some personal observations here as well.  BUT – it will always be clear that it’s personal. Promise.

Now exhale. And repeat after me… “I’m Okay”