I’m Okay

I’m Okay Exhale. Drop your shoulders and repeat after me….. “I’m Okay”. Its 6 am.  Deepak Chopra says that I could have been meditating for the last hour to find my center. What actually happened? I turned off an alarm, had a shower, and started […]

Chasing love hearts

Chasing love hearts While I am too much of a germ phobia to love and appreciate local train travel in Brisbane, I find it conducive to my people watching philia.  There is a pleasure to be gained from imagining what may be happening behind the […]

What is a feeling anyway?

What is a feeling anyway? When I’m working with a fellow practitioner I get performance anxiety!  I hear myself think, “Am I doing this well? Is my theoretical framework for helping them?  I wonder what they think of my style?” In my most recent example, […]

The Power of “Perspective”

The Power of “Perspective” I have Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease. Yeah,  I hadn’t heard of it either. I only know about it because my mother was diagnosed a good 20 years ago, and because of its heritability, I was diagnosed too. Historically the ladies […]