Is my child anxious?

Is my child anxious? It doesn’t matter how old your child is, or how many children you have, recognizing and managing anxiety in children can often stretch parents to their outer limits of coping!  While some children will meet the diagnostic standards for generalized anxiety […]

If my child is anxious, how can I help?

If my child is anxious, how can I help? So now what?  You’ve done some reading and you are pretty sure your child is demonstrating anxiety-related behaviors.  The household is getting more and more tense as everyone struggles to cope with uncontrollable emotional outbursts.  This […]

Kids and their behaviour

Kids and their behaviour This isn’t going to be pretty.  I’m not in a “pretty” writing mood!  Here are a few thoughts for you to percolate ….. 1. Behaviour is learned. (I won’t complicate that by addressing epigenetics!)2. We are constantly learning. (It’s called neuroplasticity. […]