Cruising through COVID. Is it possible?

Cruising through COVID. Is it possible? It’s incredibly hard to feel accepting of a steady decline in your mental wellbeing. A steady decline is also, unfortunately, incredibly hard to recognize – because… well… the whole gradual drop-off business can be so fractionally imperceptible, so glacial […]

When Dreaming Gives Me Nightmares

When Dreaming Gives Me Nightmares I’ve recently been asked about sleep and dreams and poor sleep quality.  Its an area of interest because I too had a recurring dream that drove me balmy.  And don’t get me started on the 3 am eye pop moment […]

Is my child anxious?

Is my child anxious? It doesn’t matter how old your child is, or how many children you have, recognizing and managing anxiety in children can often stretch parents to their outer limits of coping!  While some children will meet the diagnostic standards for generalized anxiety […]

I’m Okay

I’m Okay Exhale. Drop your shoulders and repeat after me….. “I’m Okay”. Its 6 am.  Deepak Chopra says that I could have been meditating for the last hour to find my center. What actually happened? I turned off an alarm, had a shower, and started […]

Growth Mindset – Dweck is my Current Hero

Growth Mindset – Dweck is my Current Hero I remember Mrs. Hanlon.  Mrs. Hanlon was my Grade 2 teacher and she had very curly brown hair and she smoked.  (Gimme a break! That’s the description my Grade 2 brain has retained ok?!) Mrs. Hanlon also […]

Is Sadness, an Illness?

Is Sadness, an Illness? Recently, my family, friends and some of my clients, have found themselves feeling raw and vulnerable after the death of someone very precious.  I too have felt that hollowness. Grief is such a personal thing. Losing someone can throw out a […]

What is anxiety?

What is anxiety? A few of the things that prevent people from seeking help for mental health issues, appear to me to be simple misunderstandings or misperceptions.  Here are some of these which my clients have described to me include: “Oh, it’s not that bad.  […]

The S.O.S. Model – A little nibbler

The S.O.S. Model – A little nibbler I’m currently working with a forward-thinking organization that believes that knowledge is power.  So they are rolling out some statewide information sessions on “Relationships”. When I was putting together the sessions, I sat for hours thinking of new […]

Chasing love hearts

Chasing love hearts While I am too much of a germ phobia to love and appreciate local train travel in Brisbane, I find it conducive to my people watching philia.  There is a pleasure to be gained from imagining what may be happening behind the […]