When Dreaming Gives Me Nightmares

When Dreaming Gives Me Nightmares I’ve recently been asked about sleep and dreams and poor sleep quality.  Its an area of interest because I too had a recurring dream that drove me balmy.  And don’t get me started on the 3 am eye pop moment […]

Growth Mindset – Dweck is my Current Hero

Growth Mindset – Dweck is my Current Hero I remember Mrs. Hanlon.  Mrs. Hanlon was my Grade 2 teacher and she had very curly brown hair and she smoked.  (Gimme a break! That’s the description my Grade 2 brain has retained ok?!) Mrs. Hanlon also […]

Is Sadness, an Illness?

Is Sadness, an Illness? Recently, my family, friends and some of my clients, have found themselves feeling raw and vulnerable after the death of someone very precious.  I too have felt that hollowness. Grief is such a personal thing. Losing someone can throw out a […]

What is anxiety?

What is anxiety? A few of the things that prevent people from seeking help for mental health issues, appear to me to be simple misunderstandings or misperceptions.  Here are some of these which my clients have described to me include: “Oh, it’s not that bad.  […]

My year in the jungle

My year in the jungle Back in 1993, I used to carry textbooks to and from uni.  One of those was the 3rd edition of what psychology undergrads affectionately called “Gleitman”. God, I loved that book! Sweet sweet memories…. Hennyways….sorry, I forgot you were there! […]

What is a feeling anyway?

What is a feeling anyway? When I’m working with a fellow practitioner I get performance anxiety!  I hear myself think, “Am I doing this well? Is my theoretical framework for helping them?  I wonder what they think of my style?” In my most recent example, […]