My year in the jungle

My year in the jungle Back in 1993, I used to carry textbooks to and from uni.  One of those was the 3rd edition of what psychology undergrads affectionately called “Gleitman”. God, I loved that book! Sweet sweet memories…. Hennyways….sorry, I forgot you were there! […]

What is a feeling anyway?

What is a feeling anyway? When I’m working with a fellow practitioner I get performance anxiety!  I hear myself think, “Am I doing this well? Is my theoretical framework for helping them?  I wonder what they think of my style?” In my most recent example, […]

The Power of “Perspective”

The Power of “Perspective” I have Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease. Yeah,  I hadn’t heard of it either. I only know about it because my mother was diagnosed a good 20 years ago, and because of its heritability, I was diagnosed too. Historically the ladies […]

If my child is anxious, how can I help?

If my child is anxious, how can I help? So now what?  You’ve done some reading and you are pretty sure your child is demonstrating anxiety-related behaviors.  The household is getting more and more tense as everyone struggles to cope with uncontrollable emotional outbursts.  This […]

Kids and their behaviour

Kids and their behaviour This isn’t going to be pretty.  I’m not in a “pretty” writing mood!  Here are a few thoughts for you to percolate ….. 1. Behaviour is learned. (I won’t complicate that by addressing epigenetics!)2. We are constantly learning. (It’s called neuroplasticity. […]